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COMMON UNIQUE Be Not Toy Standard Dog Sweatshirt

COMMON UNIQUE Be Not Toy Standard Dog Sweatshirt

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Be Not Toy Standard Dog Sweatshirt

Standard MTM that can be worn daily anywhere, anytime [TOP] BE NOT TOY STANDARD MTM and couple look by design Made of 100% fabric, it provides a satisfactory fit with solid quality, and the 5-part sleeves allow most dog breeds to wear it comfortably without any problems with the arm length.
SCENE 100% 

Model: 4.9 kg Poodle

Size Chart: (Inch)

 Size Neck
Chest Leg Length Length
S 7.8 12.5 4.3 8.2 0.3-0.7
M 9.4 14.9 4.7 9.8 0.7-1.3
L 11.0 16.9 5.5 11.4 1.5-2.1
XL 12.5 19.6 5.9 12.9 2.3-3.1
2XL 14.5 22.8 7.2 14.9 3.1-4.7
- Depending on the product measurement method, 0-1 inches error may occur
- We recommend that you buy 0.7-1.1 inches more than the measured dimensions. Select the size measurement order in order of chest circumference, neck circumference, and back length. If you choose the same size as the product, please consider the length of the baby with a long back. See your average weight to make it easier to check your size. Please note that the recommended weight by size may vary depending on the body type

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