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COMMON UNIQUE Narcissus Soft Fur Knit Bustier

COMMON UNIQUE Narcissus Soft Fur Knit Bustier

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Narcissus Soft Fur Knit Bustier

A fur knit bustier that is good for layering with various items. It is a material with fluffy hair similar to angora, which is worn warmly and can be layered with various inner items for various styling, adding a point to a plain look in the winter season. It is a fur knit bustier that will be yours.  Create a lovely yet trendy look for the winter season.

Model: 168cm

Size Chart: (Inch)

 Size Shoulder Chest Armhole Total Length
One Size (XS~M) 9.8 13.9 7.0 16.1
-The size is measured in cross-section, depending on the method of measurement, location, and a person weighing. Errors of about 0-1 inches may occur. Stretchy products such as knitted and span mixing fabrics and washing processes. Size errors may occur even if the same product is applied to the product. Please note when purchasing

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