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N9 Editz Sleeve Color Matching Tee - Ivory

N9 Editz Sleeve Color Matching Tee - Ivory

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Scarter Patch Short Sleeve Tee - Ivory


Body: acrylic/skin 55% + polyester/stripe 40% + spandex/spandex: 5% / Sleeves: nylon/stripe 44% + polyester/stripe 28% + 26% cotton + 2% spandex


This T-shirt features a round neckline and puff sleeves that create a soft, feminine atmosphere. The shoulder part is slightly dropped for an optimal fit and raised points on the sleeves are secured with strings for additional flair.


Size Chart

Option (inch) Shoulder Chest
Sleeve length Arm  President
One Size
14 21.2


    • 1~1.5 inches error may occur depending on the measuring method, measuring location, and measuring person.
    • Even if the size is the same, the fit may vary slightly depending on the body type.
    • Denim and colored fabric products naturally lose water, so wash them separately to prevent color migration.
    • The color of the product may look different depending on the monitor's resolution and angle.
    • Absolutely no exchanges or returns when washing, unlike the washing method described.
    • In the case of accessories, each customer has a different allergy-causing material, so please purchase it after checking the material.
    • When wearing dark colors (black, navy, etc..), please be careful as it may cause migration if you match it with a bag or clothing of bright colors (white, ivory).
    • All photos uploaded to the Nanning-gu site ( are legally protected by copyright law.
    • If you steal Nanning's image without permission and use it commercially, you may be subject to legal action without warning, so please be careful.

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