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N9 Frenbo Long Socks - 5 Colors

N9 Frenbo Long Socks - 5 Colors

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Frenbo Long Socks - 5 Colors

Product Information:
Introducing long socks with a length of 30cm! It's not plain with ribbed detail, and it's a sock that can be worn stylishly. You can wear it like a knee-sock length by pulling it straight down to below the knee. You can wear it stylishly with a crew sox feeling by directing it in a wrinkly way. It is a sock that anyone can enjoy comfortably with good elasticity with span material. With a moderate thickness and not burdensome design
We recommend long socks that can be worn comfortably throughout the four seasons!

70% cotton + 15% nylon + 10% polyester + 3% spandex + 2% polyethylene

Dry cleaning.
Do not use dryer.
No twisting.

Size Chart:

Size (inch) Entrance Length

One Size (XS~M)

6 - 13 12

    • 1-3 cm error may occur depending on the measuring method, measuring location, and measuring person.
    • · The fit may vary slightly depending on the body type even if the size is the same.
    • · Denim and colored fabric products naturally lose water, so wash them separately to prevent color migration.
    • · The color of the product may look different depending on the monitor resolution and angle.
    • · Absolutely no exchanges or returns when washing, unlike the washing method described.
    • · In the case of accessories, the materials that cause allergies are different for each customer, so please make sure to check the material before purchasing.
    • When wearing dark colors (black, navy, etc..), please be careful as it may cause migration if you match it with a bag or clothing of bright colors (white, ivory).
    • · All photos posted on the Nanning-gu site ( are legally protected by copyright law.
    • If you steal Nanning's image without permission and use it commercially, you may be subject to legal action without warning, so please be careful.


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