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N9 Welcra Training Set

N9 Welcra Training Set

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Welcra Training Set

A comfortable daily spring look! training set
It's a training set that's good to wear lightly on a daily basis!
It is a clothes that has a comfortable feeling with a hooded zip-up and banding skirt design. The short length zip-up makes the lower body look longer, and the waist banding of the skirt gives it a generous size.
You can match it as a set as shown on model, or you can style it separately.

100% Cotton

Dry cleaning
Do not use a dryer

Size Chart

Option (Inch) Shoulder Chest
Sleeve length Arm  Total Length
One Size
21.2 45.6 24.4 19.6 21.2


Option (Inch)  Waist Hip President
One Size (XS~M) 26.7-32.2 43.3 31.1


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