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PONY ZIENNE Layered Shirt Dress - French Blue

PONY ZIENNE Layered Shirt Dress - French Blue

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Layered Shirt Dress - French Blue

Full-sleeve sleeves completely cover the forearms cover it naturally. With a full button line on the front. Helped make it easy to put on and take off. The back design is really attractive. Incision detail in the center of the back. Made with unbalanced slit underneath.

Cotton 100%

Size Chart (inch)

Total Length Armhole Chest  Waist Hip Shoulder Sleeve
S 45.8/47.8
9.8 21.8 22.0 24.6 25 18.3
M 53.1/55.1 10.0 22.0 24.2 25 25.1 18.1


- Depending on the measurement method, location, and material, an error of about 0.5 to 1.0 inches may occur.
-Coordinated watches and bags are for coordination purposes and are personal collections, not items sold by Pony Kienne.

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