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Volumizing Radiance Essence - White 50ml

Volumizing Radiance Essence - White 50ml

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Volumizing Radiance Essence 50ml | Brightening and Wrinkle Improvement | Elasticity and Gloss Skin Finish | Skin Moisturizer

The secret of glowing skin with moisture filling from inside!

Volufiline Radiance Essence

Whitening/wrinkle improvement functions. Volufiline component provides elasticity and gloss to the skin, while fine bubbles containing hyaluronic acid and glutathione component moisturize skin.

  • Volume, elasticity, lifting, wrinkle improvement, radiance, and shine with a bottle of essence. Solve quick drying, moisturizing, skin texture, brightening, and blemish management all at once.
  • It contains volufiline (60,000 ppm), bakuchiol (5,000 ppm), and multi-peptide to make the skin core powerful with a special prescription for skin that has lost volume!
  • The collagen effect of hydrolyzed collagen helps to keep the skin firm.
  • It helps to improve facial lifting, relieve blemishes, and instantly brighten up the face.
  • It is free from pigments or artificial chemicals and helps maintain firm, shiny skin.

What does it contain?

1- PEPTIDE, for baby skin with wrinkle improvement effect

2- HYALURONIC ACID, to add moisture and vitality to skin

3- VOLUFILINE, for smoother skin with overflowing elasticity

4- SNAIL SECRETION FILTRATE, for skin regeneration and anti-aging effect

5- GLUTATHIONE, for a transparent and glowing skin

This product is not for wash-off!

After cleansing and wiping the skin with toner, apply and thinly spread the essence where carbonated bubbles start to form and improve fine wrinkles.

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