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Medinic Line Multi Peptide Repair Cream

Medinic Line Multi Peptide Repair Cream

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Medinic Line Multi Peptide Repair Cream is a thin and easy to apply soft cream that boost your skin's inner glow.

Improve your skin conditions, wrinkle care, feel strong and silky skin with this fully absorbing moisturizing cream that brings out the healthy glow in you.


For healthier skin with every application-

  1. 14 types of peptides added 
  2. Moisture content increased by 30% in comparision to the original Cica Cream
  3. Quick and full finish!  Fine-grained acidic ionic water "Nano bubble water" used as the base

  4. Added wrinkle improvement function to help with wrinkle care
  5. Formulated to use all seasons that is not heavy or sticky
  6. The airless container allows for a clean and pure dispense and application from start to finish


is recommended to use:

  • When you need long-lasting moisture without being heavy
  • Dull & dry skin
  • Tired skim from the mask you wear every day

  • Tired skin from changing seasons, cold waves, indoor cooling/heating
  • When dry skin peels off
  • Skin reluctant to use cream because of its stickiness
  • When you want a all year around moisturizing cream
  • Perfect to use after Lavien ampoules & skin roller

What is Peptide?

Protein component, Ingredient known to help with healthy looking skin care


What is Amino Acid?

Key ingredient of protein, main element that composes the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor.

This product contains no skin irritating ingredients, acknowledged as "green rating" in EWG, and added no artificial colors and fragrance.


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