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DONGKOOK Enzyme S water x 3 boxes

DONGKOOK Enzyme S water x 3 boxes

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Enzyme S water x 3 boxes


Enzymes are protein catalysts that help all metabolic activities in our body and are important substances that help decompose and absorb food.

Check Point

Easy to Drink
Made of barley slightly nutty flavor like light Americano

If you feel like...

I don't like to drink bottled water.
I feel bloated and heavy.
I need healthy bowel movements.
Caffeine is not good for me.

Drink one packet a day and get lighter

17 Lactobacillus 5 Grains
full of good ingredients

Green tea, Barley, Sweet Pumpkin, Eucommia, Fructooligo-saccharides, Corn stubble, Red bean, Burdock.

How to drink
Enzyme is weak in hot water, so mix with cold or lukewarm water.

1 packet in water
1-2 times a day

Adjust to your taste
500ml water - Light
200ml water - Strong

Since it is a grain enzyme, there may be some enzyme residue that is not dissolved in water, but there is no problem, so take it with confidence.



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