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Histemo Ion-to O Massage Oil

Histemo Ion-to O Massage Oil

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Ion-to O Massage Oil

  • A scalp massage oil should be part of your treatment for hair loss. Histemo Ion-To O Massage Oil comes laden with growth factor proteins and essential oils that will do a great job of stimulating the scalp and boosting circulation. The growth factor proteins are ideal for strengthening the roots of your hair. In addition, damaged skin and hair is repaired.

    This product has nine plant extracts in it. Some of the main ingredients include lavender oil, jojoba oil, licorice, green tea, rosemary leaf, golden roe, horsetail as well as other extracts from wild fruit. It stimulates hair growth and the results are very evident with time.


  • 120ml

How to use

  • Apply to the neck and shoulder area.  Relax and Massage.

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