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Active Defense UV Sunscreen

Active Defense UV Sunscreen

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Active Defense UV Sunscreen | Brightening and Wrinkle Protection


Brightening + Wrinkle Protections

Your skin is constantly under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Shield your skin with an extra layer of protection with sunscreen. Active Defense UV sunscreen is important for you to maintain healthy skin and protect it from aging fast!

LAVIEN suncare protects your skin!

To protect your skin from aging and sunburn, don’t neglect the danger brought by UVA and UVB. Regardless of the weather or season, it should be meticulously blocked 365 days a year!

Mild on the Skin With a Strong Protection!

-Applies smoothly




Covers skin irregularities without greasiness, but with fine silky powder!

No more lifting or peeling of makeup.

-Moisturizes and Protects. It replenishes moisture to dry skin and protects it from the outside.

-Soothing care. Soothes tired skin from sunlight, wearing a mask, and inconsistent weather.

-Fresh care. Controls oily skin and keeps it nice and fresh.




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