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Radiance Essence Cushion

Radiance Essence Cushion

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*Expiration Date: Jul 2023

Radiance Essence Cushion (Radiant light beige) | Second Skin Cushion | Natural look

Finally Perfect cushion for us! Lavien Radiance Essence Cushion! Its nickname is Second Skin Cushion! 64% essence base & Perfect coverage! Even after many hours, it is not cakey at all! Very natural like your second skin and not sticky! Two shades 21 & 23 are available.

Whenever I tried a new cushion brand I loved it at first, but after a few hours, it always looked very cakey. And around the oily nose area, the coverage was always gone. Our existing IWLT cushion is good because it is not cakey, has light coverage & dewy finish. Good for ladies who prefers light coverage. But many customers wanted cushions with more coverage yet still a glowy finish. 

So we have been trying many cushions. There were days that our entire team came to the office with a bare face and tried all different cushions in half/half face and compared coverage & long-lasting throughout the day. But for many months we couldn’t find the ultimate one.

But when we tried Lavien Radiance Essence Cushion, it was EUREKA!

  1. 64% essence base cushion: Nice coverage, Sun protection (SPF 50+ PA +++), Brightening, and Wrinkle care.
  2. Next-generation moisturizing!: No purified water! Sea Buckthorn extracts as a base, the best antioxidant ingredient.
  3. Best balance between Essence(for skincare) and BB cream (for coverage) - To find the best balance between skin moisturizing and coverage, Lavien did 2 years of research, while changing 4 manufacturing companies and 187 samples testing.
  4. Special Ingredients and Special effects! - Triple moisturizing with patented Oligo-HA ( ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid), 17 Amino acid complex, and Vitaskin E. Triple volumizing with Time code, Syncoll, and Volufiline.Triple brightening with Pearl powder, Diamond powder, and Royal jelly. Active ingredients - Madecassoside, Vitamin Beauplex, Raspberry Ketone, Milk Lipid, and Glutathione.

Popular makeup artist Clara (@clarasongmakeup) also tried our 8 different options and also loved Lavien Cushion the most! During the VIP event, she helped many ladies to try it and many VIPs immediately fell in love with its great coverage and moisturizing texture! So they kept checking the launching date after the event.


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