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The Essential Collection

The Essential Collection

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Our LINHART Toothpaste has a mild mint taste with a tiny hint of anise.
The smooth formulation foams just the right amount and will leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed!

LINHART Toothpaste contains Aloe Vera and Linämel 
- enamel protection formulated with three essential ingredients: Theobromine, Fluoride, & Xylitol 

1 tube of 3.4oz Linhart Toothpaste with Linamel
1 Linhart Nano-Silver Toothbrush
1 Linhart Lip Balm




An extract of cocoa beans that helps strengthen enamel? YES, chocolate in your toothpaste keeps your teeth strong!


A natural sugar that neutralizes pH levels and is proven to reduce tooth decay! Don't give it to Fido, it's toxic to pups.


Naturally-occurring, the hallmark of modern cavity prevention; fluoride remineralizes enamel and protects it from acid.


Not just for sun burns, this age-old natural plant extract can help prevent irritated and inflamed gums, while soothing and healing.

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